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Bike the Tahoe East Shore Trail

Explore The East Shore

  1. Exit right out Starbucks parking lot
  2. Right on Village Bl. – Ride bike path to Lakeshore Bl. (0.7 miles)
  3. Left on Lakeshore Bl. – Ride bike path to Tahoe Bl. (1.1 miles)
  4. Go across crosswalk to the beginning of the Tahoe East Shore Trail
  5. Follow the trail path up over the 1st hill then down and thru the tunnel to Hidden Beach Plaza. Restrooms and scenic overlook available. (1 mile)
  6. Enjoy path along the Scenic Shoreline till Sand Harbor (1.5 miles)


Enjoy a quick bite at the Tunnel Creek Cafe (#4) half way there, or on your way back from Sand Harbor.

Vista Trail Bike's Lake Tahoe Map