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Top 3 Lake Tahoe Activities


Ted Schlater

Are you up for an adventure in Lake Tahoe? The combination of a lake, high mountain peaks, and a loving community makes this place a gem on earth. From beaches to trails, forests, bike paths and more, there are plenty of Lake Tahoe activities to keep you busy.

So, if you are planning a Lake Tahoe trip, we have got you covered with the top things to do in Lake Tahoe. Keep reading till the end to find three popular things you can do to enjoy this place’s scenic beauty.

Lake Tahoe Activities

There are more activities in Lake Tahoe than you could ever fit in a single trip. Lake Tahoe offers great spots for hiking, biking, fishing, and water sports. 

Some days when you are not into the more adventurous activities you can enjoy shopping, relaxing by the beach, or listening to some music to make your trip memorable. 

Lake Tahoe is also a great place in summer, weather-wise. If you are coming from a cold area with rain and gloomy weather, know Lake Tahoe is your perfect escape. 

Plus, whether you are coming alone or with your family, there is something to do for everyone. It truly is a spot to explore this season. 

Here are some top things to do in Lake Tahoe.

Bike America’s Most Beautiful Bikeway

Are you a biking enthusiast? If yes, rent an electric bike from Vista Trail Bikes to experience the stunning mountains and jaw-dropping lake views on the Lake Tahoe East Shore Trail. You can rent and ride comfort bikes conveniently on a fun, self-guided bike tour.

Lake Tahoe East Shore Trail is located near the center of Incline Village, giving you direct access to the area’s most beautiful scenery. It is just 5-14 miles in length and 12 feet wide.

The trail’s difficulty level ranges from easy to moderate, and it is open all year round. With your bike from Vista Trail Bikes, you will definitely have a great ride on this pathway.

Other than the Lake Tahoe East Shore Trail bike path, you will find Pope Baldwin and Sawmill Road paved bike paths worth exploring on the other side of the Lake. Each path passes through some exquisite spots you may regret missing out on.

If you want to ride your rented bike on mountain biking trails in Lake Tahoe, The Flume, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and Star Lake Connector bike trails may serve you well. Make sure these trails are open and offer easy access to make your adventure enjoyable.

Some of these trails are longer than the rest. If you are a serious biker, get on them to experience the adrenaline rush.

Hiking Trails Around Lake Tahoe

Experiencing electric bikes for the first time will please your heart and soul and you will understand the hype. But don’t leave Lake Tahoe without exploring the multiple and varied hiking trails.

Hiking is one of the best Lake Tahoe activities thanks to the amazing trails you may not find anywhere in the world.

Here are the best options available.

Monkey Rock Hike
  • Distance: 4.2km
  • Time to Complete: 1h 06 min on average
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Monkey Rock Trail is a 4.2 km long trail with moderate climbing. By far the most popular hike on Lake Tahoe’s north shore. The pathway gets its name from a carved rock that resembles a monkey. It also offers a beautiful view of Lake Tahoe, something you may not witness anywhere else. 

view of lake tahoe

Incline Flume and Tyrolean Downhill Trail

  • Distance: 4.5 km
  • Time to Complete: 54 mins on average
  • Difficulty: Easy

If you want to hike on an easy trail, get onto the Incline Flume and Tyrolean Downhill Trail. This is almost 4.5 km long, and it takes around 54 minutes to complete it. Since this is a popular path in Lake Tahoe, many people run, hike, and snowshoe. Also, the great views on the way are always a plus. 

If you want to bring your dogs along, ensure they are on their leashes.

Lake Tahoe Tours

As stated above, Lake Tahoe isn’t short of activities. If you don’t want to explore the place alone, you may join a tour or group to help you enjoy the area to the fullest.

The great thing about these tours is that they take you to locations you may never visit alone.

Need a list? Here you go!

Around Tahoe Tours

This premier land-based tour company is your ultimate support in Lake Tahoe. Whether you want to learn about the history and landmarks or visit the “Seven Sacred Sights of Tahoe”, book a spot and enjoy the area at its best. You can also book a completely customized or private tour. 

Tahoe Adventures

Tahoe Adventures arranges 6-hour private tours that accommodate only ten people at a time. You can book a spot for yourself or your group to explore North and South Lake Tahoe in depth. 

Clear Kayak Paddle Tour at Sand Harbor

This is a three-hour tour that helps you explore Lake Tahoe from a different perspective. It starts from Incline Village, where you are given your life jackets, and then you go on a shuttle ride to Sand Harbor. The paddling experience with a tour guide is almost two hours, taking you along all the picturesque spots of Lake Tahoe.

Family Activities in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is your ultimate place to have a family vacation. Why? The area is safe, fun and incredibly kid-friendly.

You can either enjoy a day indoors or explore the outdoors without getting stressed about finding a place that suits your requirements. Check out our favorite family activities in Lake Tahoe below. 

Bike Rentals for the Whole Family

Regardless of the biking pathway you pick for your family adventure, Vista Trail Bikes offers you bikes on rent for the entire family, including your kids. Adults can rent a traditional cruiser, or an electric cruiser, depending on their comfort. If you have kids, Vista Trail Bikes has kids’ bike options in 20 and 24 inches. These bikes are incredibly comfortable, so your little one won’t have issues using them.


Water Activities

Lake Tahoe gets really hot in the summer. How about you explore its great water activities on your holidays?
From local water parks to swimming spots and water-based tours, the place has many amazing options to beat the heat with your family.

Lake Tahoe Aquapark

From a surf wave to water slides, this waterpark is truly a fun place for you and your kids. Take a dip with your family or enjoy great snacks as your kids ride the water.

Sierra Cloud Cruises

Need a cruise ride at Lake Tahoe? Sierra Cloud Cruises departs three times a day. The experience is mind-blowing as you cruise around the breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe’s eastern and northern shores. Moreover, the tickets are quite reasonable, and kids under two years old go free.

Sand Harbor State Park

If you and your family love the outdoors, you can spend a day at the Sand Harbor State Park. From Kayaking and scuba diving to swimming, many amazing water activities are available at this mesmerizing place. You can also sit by the lake and enjoy your little picnic with kids as you please.

This park hosts the Shakespeare Festival every summer. Check the website or contact the representatives to know if you can have a chance to experience it.

The parking lot does fill up very early during the peak season. A more flexible and enjoyable recommendation would be to rent bikes from Vista Trail Bikes and bike to Sand harbor where you can lock up the bikes and enjoy the day at Nevada’s most spectacular State Park.

Indoor Family Fun

Do you want to spend your family time indoors? Here are some great indoor family activities in Lake Tahoe you can consider.

Bowl Incline

This fun place is located in North Lake Tahoe. Visitors can enjoy bowling, billiards, and an arcade. They can also dine in to enjoy some of the great food options this fun place offers.

Magic Carpet Golf and Arcade

Located in Lake Tahoe’s Carnelian Bay, the Magic Carpet Golf and Arcade offers outdoor and indoor activities for people of all ages. The facility features 19-hole courses and a 28-hole course overlooking the beautiful lake.

Puzzle Room Tahoe

This is one of the most fun family activities in Lake Tahoe. With so many puzzle rooms, escaping is tough. But with some solid strategy, you may easily find a way out. Make sure you book your tour in advance to avoid any mishaps.

bowling in lake tahoe

Activities in North Lake Tahoe

Are you solely looking for activities in North Lake Tahoe? While all the mentioned Lake Tahoe activities are amazing, there are some specific ones on the northern side that you mustn’t miss. 

The Flume Trail

This is a 20.6 km trail with a moderately challenging route but scenic surroundings. It takes around 5 hours and 26 minutes to complete. However, you can do many things on it, including hiking, running, or even mountain biking, using your rented bike from Vista Trail Bikes. 

Treetop Adventure Parks

This place has three parks, all exceptionally fun for outdoor adventure. The Tahoe City Treetop Park has amazing trekking courses for your family. Similarly, the Tahoe Vista Treetop has 125 acres of land with many beautiful tree platforms. 

The Olympic Valley Treetop Park also has wonderful trekking courses with Palisades Tahoe peaks in the background.

Paddleboard and Kayak Rentals

If you like being in the water, you can rent high-quality paddle boards and kayaks from Adrif Tahoe. You can visit the shop at Kings Beach to find all the equipment that’s in store. Have a great day exploring Lake Tahoe’s water.

Discover Lake Tahoe

If you haven’t visited Lake Tahoe yet, what are you waiting for? The place is home to some incredible water activities, hiking adventures, shopping, and dining. People love all the Lake Tahoe activities mentioned because they are easy to access. Make sure you save some time to explore the activities in North Lake Tahoe as well!

Plus, the availability of Vista Trail Bikes makes renting bikes quite seamless. You can easily use their bikes and explore the lake without any hassle. 

Lake Tahoe can definitely become your home away from home. So, do plan a visit to this wonderful place this year!