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We offer North Tahoe bike rentals with hand-picked and customized bikes to deliver the most comfort and convenience for experiencing Lake Tahoe. Ride in comfort on a relaxed and self-guided bike tour on our award-winning electric bikes or on a more traditional comfort cruiser. Our small business is conveniently located in Incline Village.

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Orange Townie bike for rent through Vista Trail Bikes in North Tahoe


A relaxed, easy, and comfortable ride with cushy upright seating  |   Experience the Hype!

Age Under 18 must be accompanied by Parent/Legal Guardian. Min Age 13+

Fits Riders between 5’0″ – 6″ 5″ (149cm – 196cm)


2 hours


3 hours





Specialized Roll Comfort Comfort Cruiser Black Bike


Built for Comfort – Convenient Step-Through Design and upright handlebars for an enjoyable ride.

Sunset Bike Rentals now avail! Call to Book/Inquire

*Limited Avail. Book in Advance

Fits Adults 5’3″ – 6″ 3″ (152cm – 193cm)

$49         $59        $69

  2 hours          3 hours             Day

Turquoise trek fat tire bike for rent at Vista Trail Bikes in North Tahoe

Fat Tire BIKES

The Farley 5 is the ultimate go-anywhere fat tire bike(Non-Electric). Perfect for any Spring & Summer mountain single-track or Winter terrain. Fat bikes are ridiculously fun. They’re grippy, stable and comfortable. Take it on the adventure of your dreams and experience Tahoe like never before

*Limited Availability – Recommend Reserve Ahead

**Renter responsible for all transport to & from our shop. Delivery/Pick-up currently unavailable




Additional Days | 5th Day Free

north lake tahoe kids bike rental

KID's Bikes | 20"/24"

Bring the tikes with you with these popular kids bikes. Plenty tough enough to stand up to your little rippers.

Fits Kids 3’6″ – 4’9″ (105cm – 120cm)



Bike trailer for rental in Lake Tahoe


Seats up to two children. Bike and/or stroll with the whole family. Large cargo space holds everything you’ll need for your adventure.

*Attaches only to Traditional Cruisers. Not E-Bikes | NO Pets!

*Limited Avail. Reserve Ahead!


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lake tahoe's Best bike rentals

what you get with tahoe's top bike rental service

 CONVENIENT AND FREE PARKING! There are a variety of bike paths accessible from our shop going around the lake.  

 HIGH-QUALITY COMFORT Cushy seats, multi-speeds, and ergonomic handlebars provide sustained upright comfort while sightseeing. All bikes are well maintained by our top bike mechanics.

 FULLY EQUIPPED Rentals include helmets, handlebar bags, bike locks, water bottle holders, and a custom map detailing the easy to follow route for Tahoe’s East Shore Trail. Electric bikes also come with a rear bike rack and bungie cords to stow extra gear like beach towels and packs. 

All bike rentals come with an orientation to ensure everyone is comfortable with operation and riding. Our expert Ride Coordinators can direct you on the best places to eat along the East Shore Trail, and places to stop such as beaches, scenic hikes, and much more. 

Know Before you ride guide

How to choose the right bike for you: electric bike vs. traditional cruiser

When planning your ride along Tahoe’s East Shore Trail (often referred to as “America’s Most Beautiful Bikeway”), it’s important to pick the bike rental that best fits your needs. An electric bike can be a great way to enjoy Lake Tahoe’s most spectacular and scenic ride without over exerting yourself. Spend your time soaking in all the views and not catching your breath. If you’re looking to get your heart rate up and experience more of a workout, a traditional cruiser would be an excellent choice.

What’s an Electric Bike?

The biggest difference between e-bikes and traditional cruisers is that e-bikes have motors. Our electric bikes are simple to use and understand. You ride and operate them just like you would with a traditional bike, except for 2 buttons that allow you to adjust how easy you want the pedaling to be with the help of the bike’s motor. For example,  just press a button to adjust the pedal assistance on hills so you don’t have to over exert yourself. Our e-bike rentals are  the  most popular choice among riders. Experience the hype for yourself!

What’s a Traditional Cruiser?

A traditional cruiser is bike powered by the person riding it, with no assistance from an electrical motor. Our traditional cruiser rentals are 7-speed comfort bikes that are easy and simple to use for anyone who’s already comfortable riding a bike. Although they’re easy to ride, you can expect more of a workout (especially on hills) while riding a traditional cruiser than you would with an electric bike. For more details about the differences between these bike types, check out our Electric Bike Vs. Regular Bike blog post.

Picking a Bike Route

All our bikes (traditional and electric) are cruiser style bikes designed specifically for the Tahoe East Shore Trail, which is a paved path. If you’re looking to ride on a non-paved path, we recommend renting a mountain bike from another local bike shop.

Where Can you Ride E-Bikes in Lake Tahoe?

On the North end of Lake Tahoe, the most popular and scenic ride by far is the Tahoe East Shore Trail. This trail is often referred to as “America’s Most Beautiful Bikeway.” It’s paved and a good distance away from traffic. E-Bikes are allowed and encouraged on this trail.

In the Lake Tahoe Basin, other trails that allow E-bikes include: Upper Corral, Lower Corral, Incense Cedar, Sidewinder, High Meadow OHV, Stinger, Beaver Tail Trail, Flume Trail, Tahoe Rim Trail (Hobart Rd to Tunnel Creek Rd only), Sand Pit 12N28, and all fire roads that allow motorized vehicles.

Best Activities Along the East Shore Trail

  • There are several free public beaches that are accessible from the trail. The most notable is Hidden Beach – a popular local destination.
  • Sand Harbor State Park is at the end of the trail and features spectacular sandy beaches with tranquil turquoise coves. Beautiful walking paths can also be found here as well as a gift shop and a seasonal restaurant.
  • Tunnel Creek Cafe is at the midpoint of the trail and is another local favorite for those looking for somewhere to eat along the way.
  • The famous Monkey Rock Hike is also at the midway point of the trail for those who would like to get off and do a short and scenic hike (about 2 miles round trip). It’s a famous local favorite that offers spectacular views of Lake Tahoe. You can read more about this hike and other popular hiking trails in Lake Tahoe in our blog post Best Hiking Trails with Lake Tahoe Views.

How to Map your Route

We provide every rider with our own custom proprietary map of the Tahoe East Shore Trail that highlights all attractions and places of interest along the way. Before your ride, our expert Ride Coordinators will cover the many things you can experience along the trail with you and be available to answer any questions you may have.

Aerial Photo of East Shore Trail Paved Bike Path in North Lake Tahoe

Trail Rules and Etiquette

In general, use common sense along Tahoe’s East Shore Trail. Remain cautious and aware that you’re sharing the path with other cyclists, walkers, joggers, kids, and dogs. Feel free to use any bells your bike is equipped with as you pass others. Go slow and enjoy soaking in the views!

1. Bike on Designated Trails

Please be respectful of your surroundings and the natural environment by staying on the paved path. There are many stops along the way with bike racks where you can get off your bike and walk down a multitude of natural pedestrian dirt paths to the water if you want to explore further and dip your toes in.

2. Leave No Trace

As they say in these parts – “Help keep Tahoe Blue.” We appreciate you leaving no trace, meaning pack out what you pack in. There are plenty of trash bins scattered all along the East Shore Trail to keep the trail in pristine condition for everyone to continue to enjoy.

3. Keep your Distance from Wildlife

Yes, occasionally bears do like to come down to the water and take their turn frolicking in the lake. Remember that they are wild animals, and please keep your distance and never engage in any manner with them. The same goes for coyotes and any other wildlife you may see.

4. Adhere to Right of Way

Follow the same rules you would as if you were driving. Stay to the right and pass on the left, while giving advance warning. Always call out “on your left before you pass someone on the left.

Bike Trip Essentials

Water and nutritious snacks are always a good idea when going out along the East Shore Trail. At Vista Trail Bikes, we have snacks, water, and sunscreen for purchase. You can also check out our Biker’s Guide to Eating Along the East Shore Trail if you’d prefer to eat on the go.

To make more of a day out of your East Shore Trail experience, you can bring beach towels and swimsuits. All E-bikes come with a rear bike rack and a front handlebar pouch that will allow you to bring your own gear to the many pristine beaches along the trail. 

Things to Know

Can you Bike Around Lake Tahoe?

Twice a year, there are special events involving biking around the lake. These rides are typically for the more adventurous and brave souls who are used to riding a traditional road bike rather than an electric bike. An electric bike likely won’t have enough charge to last even halfway around. The entire loop around Lake Tahoe is 72 miles, which can take a strong rider five to six hours to complete. While this feat is often a bucket list item, there are many options for biking in this region for all riding levels. Check out our blog post Top 6 Scenic Bike Paths in Lake Tahoe to learn more!

Are Helmets Required for Electric Bikes in Lake Tahoe?

Helmets are mandatory in California. They aren’t legally required in Nevada but are strongly recommended. All bikes rented through our shop come with a mandatory helmet that must be used with your bike. No exceptions!

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