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North lake tahoe snow tubing

Snow tube Rentals

Are you ready to experience the thrill of sliding down snowy slopes? Look no further than snow tubing in Tahoe, where endless adventure awaits! Nestled in the breathtaking Sierra Nevada Mountains, North Lake Tahoe is renowned for its pristine winter wonderland and offers a many exciting activities for all ages. Snow tubing, in particular, has gained immense popularity in the area recently as an exhilarating alternative to traditional skiing or snowboarding.

  • Tahoe’s most popular and accessible tubing area, Mt Rose Meadows, is only 7 minutes from our shop.
  • Built-in tow strap to carry and pull your snow tube back up the hill
  • High quality and commercial grade rental equipment

We also offer snowshoe and fat tire bike rentals. Check out our winter gear rentals page to learn more.

Snow tubes

Tube inserts provide support and bump absorption, while the hard-shell bottom helps you glide over snow. Built-in tow strap to carry and pull back up the hill. Perfect activity for anyone to enjoy Tahoe winter!




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where to go snow tubing


Just 6 miles up the Mt. Rose Highway (Hwy. 431) from Incline Village. Park off the side of the road and take advantage of one of Tahoes most popular snow tubing areas!


Spooner Summit is right on the junction of Highway 50 and Highway 28. This hill is informal, but a longtime local favorite. 


About 20 minutes away in Tahoe Vista is where you’ll find two separate snow hills, each with its own winter play area. Zip down the hill, toss some snowballs around or check out some snowshoeing as well.

frequently asked questions

We typically recommend age 5 and above. Also most tube parks recommend tuber to be over 40 inches in height.

A couple of days prior is more than sufficient. We can also accept same day rentals.

You can park in the parking lot we share with the next door Starbucks, or the covered garage below our shop. Located on the corner of 893 Tanager St. & N Enterprise St. The garage entrance is right next to Tahoe Forest Hospice Gift & Thrift (directly across the street from the laundromat). Take the stairs up to our store.

Another great local convenient option to avoid parking altogether would be Uber/Lyft, or TartConnect(A free local service)


  • Boots (waterproof with thick soles)
  • Hat, gloves or mittens, thick socks, snow pants and a warm coat (multiple clothing layers)
  • Neck warmer (avoid scarves, as these could get tangled in the snow tube)
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Dry clothes to change into after