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Meet the Author

Ted Schlater - Owner

Ted is the owner and founder of Vista Trail Bikes and has lived in Lake Tahoe for over 25 years. Twenty years ago, Ted managed a bike outfit in San Francisco that would send visitors on self-guided bike tours over the Golden Gate Bridge and return by ferry. When he saw the gorgeous East Shore Trail being built in his hometown, he translated that experience into a new business to serve visitors visiting Lake Tahoe. 


Ted shares blogs about biking and the Lake Tahoe area to give visitors and locals alike a hub from which they can get the most informative and comprehensible overview of all the activities and attractions here in Incline Village and North Lake Tahoe.

Years Living in Lake Tahoe: 25+

Years Spent Biking & Mountain Biking: 20+

Local Outreach: Ted has worked with The Pet Network and Dollars for Scholars.

Ted founder of vista trail bikes

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